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Improving health the innovative way!

We have specialized in providing you with the health industry's most innovative, effective, and promising products focussing on keeping and improving health before a need to cure disease arises. It is also essential to us to offer you new diagnostic concepts employing modern and approved non-invasive methods. The health and the well-being of patients as well as that of our customers is our primary goal.
This attitude is found to be reflected by the features of our products.


Early diagnosis, prophylaxis, prevention  -  Actively improving health!

We are offering the latest non-invasive diagnostic systems to monitor your health status in various ways - fast, free of pain, and expressive, an utterly new technology to improve your cell-repair-mechanism, special micro-nutrients to support your health, and a lot more ...
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Physicians, pharmacists, and companies within the scope of fitness/wellness as well as all those people that are aware of their health may take substantial advantage from our offers.


Decades of experience

Our company was founded 1978 in Vienna, Austria.
Initially serving the medical-laboratory market we reevaluated our scope and are now active with our new products in Austria, Hungary, Slowakia, the Czech Republic, India and the United Arab Emirates.

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easy and comfortable

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Base Balance?

ENERGETICUM® Base Natur like ENERGETICUM® Base Balance enhances the metabolism and stimulates the reduction of acids within the bodys tissue.



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