The NanoVi™ device is designed to improve cellular activities, specifically by improving the body’s response to oxidative stress

The NanoVi-inhalation was designed to improve cellular activities, to improve the cellular metabolism biophysically, without the use of chemical or biochemical substances.

NanoVi™ is a novelty on the european market.


The sustainable way
to improve vitality on a cellular level


Eng3's techology is used to improve the oxidative response and cellular activities. Improved cellular activity is essential for our health, vitality and performance.


Oxygen metabolism in our cells is a vital process for producing energy. As spin-off products ROS (reactive oxygen species) are created. Those are the initiators of two further processes: oxidative stress, causing cell damage, and oxidative response - the body's natural protection function countering those cell damages.

Eng3's NanoVi™ devices base on a validated and approved process, and create exactly the ROS-specific signal, that is required for oxidative response. The transmission of the signal is realized using the network of water molecules of the humid air that is going to be inhaled.


Areas of application

  • Performance - optimization of cellular activity for physical and mental tasks
  • Wellness - improving vitality and reducing of age-related problems
  • Health - Use against oxidative stress caused diseases


Using the NanoVi™ device

The NanoVi™ device is used in clinics and homes by people wanting to improve their health and vitality. You inhale moist air from the NanoVi™ device. For prevention, sessions are often between 20 and 40 minutes, two or three times a week.

People addressing one or more chronic diseases use the device much more frequently. There is no danger of overdoing it because it is a drug-free approach that triggers your body’s natural processes rather than overriding them.

It is easy to fit the NanoVi™ device into your daily routine. You can use it while you are relaxing, reading, working at at computer, talking on the phone, watching TV, or during any other stationary activity. You can also use it while working out on exercise equipment.


How it works

Free radicals are unstable, highly reactive molecules. In our cells, they result naturally from cell metabolism and oxygen consumption and are also caused by exposure to toxins, stress, and other lifestyle factors. If the body cannot neutralize their negative impact adequately, free radicals cause damage at the cellular level. Free radicals, which are also know as Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), can impact the body in three ways.

  • Damaging – the free radicals react with surrounding molecules, usually proteins, including the DNA, and caused damage. This hinders the protein functions and related cellular activities decline
  • Neutral – free radicals react with anti-oxidants and are neutralized. In this case they have no impact on cellular function. Anti-oxidants are essential but it is important not to over supply the body with anti-oxidants because too many can hinder the initiation of response described below
  • Initiating oxidative response – free radicals emit a specific energy that is received by sensor proteins whose job it is to initiate oxidative response. This ROS-induced response is essential to all cellular activity because it is responsible for repairing free radical damage

The NanoVi™ device is designed to initiate oxidative response, which is the body’s way of counteracting oxidative stress damage caused by free radicals. While most of the free radicals are damaging, the final phase of certain free radicals acts as a signal, also known as redox signaling, for oxidative response. The excitation units inside NanoVi™ devices produce the same emissions as the final phase of the radicals, called ROS-specific signals. This mimics a biological process that triggers the body’s response to oxidative stress.

NanoVi™ devices are delivering the signals; they are not creating any kind of ROS within the device or delivering any kind of ROS in to the body. Testing was done in a physics lab at a major university to prove that NanoVi™ technology emits only the ROS- specific signals. By a process called signal transduction, these signals are delivered to the user to trigger oxidative response. Since the metabolism of oxygen and other factors constantly creates free radicals, strong oxidative response is essential to good health and vitality.



Diminished cellular function is both a cause and an effect of chronic or age-related illness. This makes it tremedously important to prevent or break any downward health spiral associated with oxidative stress. Whether the goal is disease prevention or to maximize vitality and quality of life, enhancing cellular response to oxidative stress is essential.

The NanoVi™ device is designed to improve cellular activities, specifically by improving the body’s response to oxidative stress. Whether your goal is to maximize vitality and quality of life or address an illness, improving cellular activity is essential. Just some of the benefits include:

  • Protection against and repair of free radical damage
  • Stronger immunity
  • Improved utilization of oxygen and nutrients
  • Improved cell energy production
  • Improved cell metabolism




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