MBR - haemospect®

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haemospect® is a highly suitable measurement device for use as a fast and cost-effective means of blood donor preselection.The haemoglobin levels will be detected rapid, non-invasive, painless and with no risk of infection.


Potential blood donors will not shy anymore for the painful stab in the earlap or fingertip. Also haemospect® is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, because you do not need any consumables.


In Anesthesia you can do a monitoring of Hbg levels during the surgery and on ICU. It enables the better use of blood products.





  • pain-free, bloodless measuring of hemoglobin levels
  • easy to use thanks to the digiclip
  • measurement reading provided in seconds
  • documentation of readings right in the device
  • hygienic, user-friendly, reliable
  • no risk of infection
  • allows to quickly start the therapy
  • battery-operated, hence can be used everywhere and on the go
  • no consumables, no sensor replacement
  • highly economical, fast return on investment




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