ENERGETlCUM® Omega-1000

ENERGETlCUM Omega-1000
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60 capsules

ENERGETICUM® Omega-1000 changes the fluidity of the blood by expanding the blood vessels and counteracting the clotting of thrombocytes. Another positive aspect of the omega-3 fatty acids a reduction of the blood lipids. Normally, the effect is a reduction of the so called triglycerides and an increase of the HDL cholesterol, which is protecting the blood vessels.

Despite the fact that the diet of the Inuit in Greenland is almost solely composed of fat fish and the fat meat of seals and wales, they have an extremely low occurance of cardiovascular diseases. The cause of this phenomenon lies in the fish itself, or rather the fatty tissue with its long-chained omega-3 fatty acids, which keep the tissue flexible and smooth even at very low temperatures. The omega-3 fatty acids have a similar effect in humans - they keep the blood fluid.

ENERGETICUM® Omega-1000 is especially recommended for

  • protection against cardiovascular diseases by increasing the fluidity of the blood.
  • reducing the risk of artiosklerosis
  • support the effectiveness of the white blood cells (leukocytes) in their reaction to inflammations.
  • support and regulation of the lipometabolism

Today, northern high-sea fish is the best source of omega-3 fatty acids.


2 capsules contain (in mg)

fish oil 2000,0
composed of:  
EPA 360,00
DHA 240,00
D-alpha-Tocopherol 1,48 (% RDA 14,8)
gelatine 472,50
glycerine 272,50

Nutrition information

  • 60 capsules (90 g)
  • calorific value per capsule: 43,1 kJ (10,3 kcal)
  • suitable for diabetics (< 0,01 BE)

Recommended daily intake

1-2 capsules per day with sufficient water together with meals. ENERGETlCUM® Omega-1000 can be used together with other ENERGETICUM® products, except ENERGETICUM® Base natur and ENERGETICUM® Base balance.


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