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150 herbal / mineral capsules

Energeticum® MK is a balanced combination of minerals (calcium & magnesium) and a variety of herbs. It activates the cell metabolism and helps the body's purification processes with discarding the substances stressing the metabolism. Metabolism blockades are generally caused by environmental effects and/or body-internal contaminations (e.g. dental fillings) and often the source of heavy metals deposits within the body.

Energeticum® MK helps the metabolism discarding toxines within the body and is a very good addition to ENERGETICUM® IP 2000.


2 capsules contain

    (% recommended daily intake)
calcium 228,0 mg 29 %
magnesium 164,0 mg 55 %
selenium 50,0 µg  
zinc 6,0 mg 40 %

In small amounts

vitamin A, enzymes, all essential amino acids, all important minerals and micronutrients (based on a herbal mix).


Nutrition information

  • 50 (25,4 g) or 150 (76,1 g) pure vegetable capsules
  • calorific value per capsule: 0,02 kJ (0,007 kcal)
  • suitable for diabetics(< 0,01 BE)

Recommended daily intake

1-2 capsules daily (preferrably at lunch, togehter with 2 capsules of ENERGETICUM® IP 2000 or ENERGETICUM® vitale); in cases of severe deacidification together with ENERGETICUM® Base natur / ENERGETICUM® Base balance.


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