Energeticum IP 2000
Price: 30,88€

120 vital capsules

ENERGETICUM® IP 2000 is the main vitalizing component, the fuel of the cell required to acivate cell metabolism. This supplement has a very high bioavailability, which means that every component is directly available for the cells and the antioxidative effects are activated very fast.

It strengthens the cell membranes, and promotes a boost of the cell metabolism resulting in a higher rejection of acids and toxic substances like heavy metals. The supplement is especially suited for professional athletes, before competitions, generally in situations of stress or to reduce stress.

ENERGETICUM® IP 2000 is a high quality composition containing essential vitamines, minerals, micronutrients, amino acids and vegetable nutrients.


4 capsules contain

vitamin C 260,5 mg chrome 1418 µg
vitamin B1 2,7 mg folic acid 33 µg
vitamin B2 2,78 mg copper 23 ug
niacin 25,6 mg manganese 013 mg
pantothenic acid 14 mg molybdenum 12 µg
vitamin B6 3,0 mg phosphor 29.7 mg
vitamin B12 1,1 mg OPC 8 mg
vitamin D3 6 µg selenium 1,5 µg
vitamin E 20 mg zinc 2 mg
vitamin A 330 µg biotin 24 µg

In small amounts

Calcium, potassium, magnesium, natural carotenoids, amino acids (l-arginin, l-cystin, l-carnitin, l-isoleucin, l-leucin, l-lyisin, l-prolin), vegetable nutrients (broccoli, grapes, lycophyte).


Nutrition information

  • 120 pure vegetable capsules (42,2 g, 100% vegan)
  • calorific value per capsule: 0,02 kJ (0,007 kcal)
  • suitable for diabetics (< 0,01 BE)

Recommended daily intake

2x2 capsules daily, preferably in the morning and at midday, independent from meals. If taken with a meal, ENERGETICUM® IP 2000 causes a better ingestion of the vital substances contained in the food.


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