Energeticum Enzym Plus
Price: 72,74€

120 capsules with vegetable enzymes

The immune system depends on enzymes but they are also needed to create a balance after intestinal stress and or inflammatory metabolism processes. The classical medicine uses enzymes to support healing processes of injuries, inflammations, rheumatism, and cancer therapy.

Top athletes prevent inflammable processes (e.g. in the joints) by specific intake of enzymes. Especially after athletic injuries the metabolism requires not only vitamines and mineral nutrients but alos enzymes for regeneration.

We specifically recommend ENERGETICUM® Enzym Plus with infectious strains and infections caused by metabolism processes which can occur for example during heavy detoxification (e.g. amalgam drainage).


2 capsules contain

black radish powder 120,0 mg cayenne pepper 20,0 mg
papain 116,8 mg mate tea 16,6 mg
yam powder 100,0 mg serenoa extract 16,6 mg
wheatgrass 100,0 mg algae extract 11,6 mg
cornmeal 90,0 mg woodruff 9,0 mg
bromelin 58,4 mg thyme powder 9,0 mg
ficin 40,0 mg coenzyme Q10 8,0 mg
lemongrass 40,0 mg l-camitin 6,7 mg
ginger powder 29,2 mg    

Nutrition information

  • 50 (23,6 g) or 120 (56,8 g) pure vegetable capsules
  • calorific value per capsule: 1,8 kJ (0.4 kcal)
  • suitable for diabetics ( < 0,02 BE)

Recommended daily intake:

2 x 1 capsule daily independent from meals. ENERGETICUM ® Enzym Plus combines well with every ENERGETICUM® product.



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