Energeticum Base Natur
Price: 16,05€

120 capsules + PH measurement strips

This base supplement was created as an addendum to the Energeticum® vital substance products. It gently supports the acid-base balance and has a high tolerability. By supporting the metabolism to resolve acid depots within the tissue, Energeticum® Base Natur is suitable for de-acidification as well as a source of calcium for the bones. The supplement is partly composed of pure sea shell powder (98% natural calcium carbonate) as well as sodium bicarbonate, bamboo fibres and mineral zeolite powder.


ENERGETlCUM® Base Natur supports

  • the de-acidification (important for healthy teeth, skin and hair, mental stability and organ functions)
  • a good acid-base balance
  • the bodys calcium supply (important for healthy bones)
  • the physical & mental performance and well-being

2 capsules contain

181,3 mg calcium, which is 22,5 % of the recommended daily dose


Nutrition information

  • 120  purely vegetable capsules (70,3 g) + PH measurement strips for urine testing
  • calorific value per capsule 2 kJ (0,5 kcal)
  • suitable for diabetics (<0,01 BE)

Recommended daily intake

  • 2 capsules in the evening (wait at least 1 hour after the last meal) are perfect for reducing acid blockades
  • up to 4 capsules during the day (independent from meals) create a regular source of calcium
  • the supplement is combining well with ENERGETICUM® MK and ENERGETICUM® Enzym Plus (Enzymes help with deacidification in combination with base products)



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