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120 capsules + PH measurement strips

Like ENERGETICUM® Base natur, ENERGETICUM® Base balance enhances the metabolism and stimulates the reduction of acids within the bodys tissue. Also, the supplement specifically helps with in-depth deacidification (anti-aging) of the connective tissue with its special additives. The de-oiled wheat germs contained in ENERGETICUM® Base balance are rich in iron and provide high quality micronutrients to the body.

Especially the problem of osteoporosis was considered during the preparation of ENERGETICUM® Base balance. For prevention of osteoporosis it is advised to combine ENERGETICUM® base balance with ENERGETICUM® MK. With its excellent qualities and good tolerability, ENERGETlCUM® base balance is especially  recommended for women who are inclined to develop osteoporosis.


4 capsules contain

Calcium carbonate with 304,0 mg calcium 800 mg
Wheat germ powder 256 mg
Cornmeal (+ a small amount of all main micronutrients) 64 mg

Nutrition information

  • 120 purely vegetable capsules (60,2g) + PH measurement strips for urine testing
  • calorific value per capsule 8.5 kJ (2,0 kcal)
  • suitable for diabetics (< 0,02 BE)

Recommended daily intake

2-4 capsules daily independent from meals. Combines well with ENERGETICUM® Enzym Plus (Enzymes help with deacidification in combination with base products)


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