Energeticum B-Flavon
Price: 47,83€

90 capsules with bio flavonoids

Bio flavonoids are optimal for helping to protect the cell surface. The cell can defend itself easier against oxidation, thereby avoiding cell damage in advance. The reinforcement of the cells protection is especially important for persons who suffer from or have overcome cronic diseases.

Energeticum® B-Flavon supports the metabolism and regeneration processes of the cell. The protective substances of Energeticum® B-Flavon are designed to speed up the cells internal healing processes.


Bio flavonoids are optimal for supporting the healing process during oder after recovery from

  • fungal diseases (intestinal fungus)
  • chronic diseases
  • allergies
  • therapies (e.g. cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatism)
  • degenerative eye diseases (e.g. cataracts, makula degeneration)

1 capsule contains

Hydropropylenmethylcellulosis 87,9 mg Wild garlic powder 25,0 mg
Black currant powder 60,0 mg Celery powder 25,0 mg
Wheat germ de-oiled 60,0 mg Lutein concentrate (5%) 15,0 mg
White tea extract (90%) 50,0 mg Carrot powder 15,0 mg
Grape seed extract (40% OPC) 45,0 mg Quercetin 15,0 mg
Red cabbage powder 45,0 mg Parsley powder 5,0 mg
Broccoli powder 30,0 mg Horseradish and mustard powder 3,0 mg
Elder bio flavonoid concentrate 30,0 mg (10 %) Citrus bio flavonoid concentrate 2,5 mg (60%)

Nutrition information

  • 90 pure vegetable capsules (20,8 g)
  • calorific value per capsule: 3,2 kJ (0,8 kcal)
  • suitable for diabetics (< 0,01 BE)

Recommended daily intake

For preventive measures an intake of 1 - 2 capsules daily with meals is recommended. The dose can be increased up to 6 capsules per day by a therapist for supplement and regeneration with chronic diseases (e.g. 3x2 Kapseln daily with meals). Energeticum® B-Flavon can be used together with other ENERGETICUM® products, except ENERGETICUM® Base natur and ENERGETICUM® Base balance.


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