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The body consists of millions of cells. Each form of tissue, highly complex organs, the skin, the muscles, etc. are composed of cells.

Vitamines and other vital substances must be provided at the right concentration, at the right time and the right place within the body to ensure a balanced cell metabolism. This is the basis for your health, vitality and mental balance.

The vitamines and vital substances needed for a healthy cell metabolism can only be ingested via food.

However todays farming techniques, long storage and industrial food processing are not providing the required amount of vitamins, mineral elements etc. for our cells. Also, the increased daily stress, the environmental conditions and consumption of coffe, tobacco and other non-essential foods can cause a deficit of important nutritive substances.

To counter the increased need for micronutrients in certain circumstances, for example during times of stress, individual micronutrient combinations where created by Energeticum in cooperation with experts on nutrient research and biochemistry. ENERGETICUM® is successful in marketing their products, over years.

Micronutrients can only be effective when the ingredients and quantities are sensibly balanced. One of the most important factors is a high bioavailability of the substances to guarantee their transport to the cells.

Special processing provides the guaranteed high bioavailability of all ENERGETICUM® supplements


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