The CRS-med-system

CRS MedMetabolism screening
for optimal health care


The CRS®-analysis system is the first measuring device worldwide to offer a non-invasive screening method for identifying the regulation of the cellular metabolism.

An individual evaluation can be used to detect any disorders of health and deficiencies of vital micronutrients.

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In this way, nutrition can be adjusted selectively and, as the case may be, improved with high-quality dietary supplements.

Thanks to the quick and simple measurement, that is in particular also suitable for children, you as a physician will obtain comprehensive information on the patient's current metabolic status already during the first conversation.
By means of follow-up measurements, the optimisation of the metabolism and/or the course of therapy can easily be tracked and adjusted in case of need. This results in greater transparency and thus in increased confidence of your patients in suggested therapies.

In addition, you as a physician can use the measuring values for introducing patients to a healthier way of living. In particular smokers, athletes, managers, mentally strained or stressed persons as well as persons having an unbalanced diet, are predestined for a regular follow up since, in most cases, they are exposed to an increased oxidative stress including all consequences.

The CRS®-system supports you in building up longstanding patient relationships thanks to competence and the use of innovative technologies.


A CRS®-med measurement provides the following results:


  • Protection from metabolic acidosis
  • Immune resistance
  • Metabolic regulation
  • Physical training status
  • Protection from oxidative stress
  • Mental stress capacity
  • Protection from infectious processes
  • Connective tissue condition
  • Regulation of inflammatory processes
  • Allergic activation
  • Cell regeneration processes
  • Cell reduction processes
  • General performance capability
  • Micronutritional requirements


The CRS-med evaluates addtional 14 Indicators:

  • Cell division activity
  • Metabolic activity
  • Biosynthesis activity
  • Regulation of immune functions
  • Regulation of inflammatory reactions
  • Energy turn over
  • Energy consumtion for cell division activities
  • Normal and abnormal regulation of cell division
  • Cellular division in inflammatory processes
  • Relative risk of disease
  • Risik of new tissue formation
  • Characterisation of metabolic turn over
  • Redox equivalent
  • Mental stability



Presentation of the measured results

The value of each individual parameter is shown using a "window" in a coloured, horizontal scale. The calculated numerical value is supported visually by the colours of the scale ranging from red and orange to green, this clear presentation allowing for a fast analysis of the results.

Meaning of the measured values

The parameters of the health status are based on the indicators. Each of them describes an aspect of cellular metabolic regulation and its effects on the health status.

Values in the green area show a normal regulation of the respective parameter. The more the values turn to the yellow and/or orange area, the more regulation by the organism is required for compensating for the changed requirements and/or the additional strains. Values in the red area can indicate a disease and therefore have to be examined further, either by means of follow-up measurements or established diagnostic procedures realised by a physician or practitioner.


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