BODYGUARD is a metabolism based, holistic concept for a long-term laid out nutrition-management.

The experience in medical research shows, that every human being has his own individual metabolism - and therefore needs a nutrition concept based on his individual needs. The composition of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins varies for every person in daily nutrition.

The nutrition-concept with the 
individual metabolism-tuning


Health is one of the most mattering topics today. 

Health in terms of comprehensive wellness, combined with an active feeling of life, reflecting the attractivity and vitality of all of us. Health - now to be understood as a sign of new qualities of life - as opposed to just the contrary of disease.


Nutrition as base of a new quality of life

Quality of life and wellness are irrevocably connected to a well functioning metabolism, an outbalanced and wholesome nutrition, and physical excercise, as the latest medical-scientific research reveals.


Advantages of the metabolism-based nutrition-concept BODYGUARD:
  • applicable for young and elderly
  • joy at changing nutrition
  • visible and perceptible quality of life
  • individual and tasty recipes
  • flexible use of the food-lists

Cellular-based metabolism-analysis 

Based on the screening method for the regulation of the cellular metabolism CRS®, specific recommendations for a balanced nutrition can be derived, including signs for possible incompatibilities with specific nourishments.

Simple and without a blood test.


Individual nutrition-management

All medical experience and cognitions will be applied by BODYGUARD, showing the results in the BODYGUARD-Booklet.

Your physician will discuss with you all the important facts and questions, before handing out the booklet to you. The booklet will contain your individual nutrition-plan, recipes for ca 30 days, as well as food lists, and valuable tips for your nutrition, and even for exercises you can practice.


It's all about the regulation of your metabolism:
  • stopping wrong nutrition habits
  • finding your personal ideal weight 
  • strengthening your body's defences
  • improving your quality of life
  • creating a sense of being

Periodical review of your values

A periodical check of changes in your metabolism guarantees the perfect adaption of your nutrition to your cellular metabolism. This increases the prospects of success - for more wellbeing, mor joy in life, and a lasting weight-management. The results of your change in nutrition are made visible this way - and will motivate you again and again to go your way with BODYGUARD.


Easy handling

The huge amount of variable foods results in tasty recipes. Shopping and preparation of your meals are made easy and diversified for you. 

Do something good to your body and let it feel a Yeah! ... with BODYGUARD.


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