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The company Müller Medizinische Labormesstechnik Ges. m. b. H. was founded by Ing. Alfred Müller together with his wife Maria and their son Christian in 1978.

Since the year 2000, Dipl. Ing. Dr. Christian Müller is directing the business.

It has always been our goal to bring new technologies of the medical-laboratory market to Austria, and to establish them under scientific aspects.

This very strategy has proven, and the private enterprise was able to compete with the „global players“ at eye level, and even more - as the market share of 70% in haematological analytics of the medical-laboratory market demonstrates.

But times change, and so do the needs and the level of health-awareness of the people!

This was the reason for the company Müller to change, and to provide different, newer services to society.

Those are prevention, health care, preserving health into the high age, and the "staying fit". 

We support those ideas using devices able to measure the state of health non-invasively, free of pain, within a few seconds - as well as we do together with experts develop those strategies letting a yet healthy person NOT become a patient. 

Of course the company Müller also recommends the supporting and required micro-nutrients.

This is the new strategy of the reformatted company Müller, that we together with our partners apply, to successfully implement the needs and wishes of the patients and the people who are staying healty.


Müller Medizinische Labormesstechnik Ges. m. b. H.
Güpferlingstraße 11
A-1170 Wien

Tel.: +43 1 4854377
e-mail: firma@muellerwien.at
web: www.muellerwien.at


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